The bee’s are buzzing as the flowers are blooming!

Brute Vittles is bringing the heat! The season is all about change, festivities, and most importantly food!! All of the different seasonal eats and herbs that your fur babies can have are full and prominent; such as, watermelon, blueberries, turmeric, chicken sausage, and more. If you want your animals to get in the season, as much as you are check out our menu to see what seasonal cheer we have in store for your dogs.

What’s New

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    We just added an “About” Page, so that you all know the beginning of Brute Vittles Eats n’ Treats LLC. Why don’t you check it out?


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    Did you know when you recommend someone to our page, you get $10 off your next dog meal? Oh, and we don’t leave out anyone! The customer that you recommend gets $5 off their dog food as well! Just put either $10recommendation or $5off into the coupon box and you’re all set!!


What’s Cooking?

About Me

Hi, I’m Shawnne, founder of Brute Vittles Eats n’ Treats

I am an entrepreneur, food blogger, and content creator, creating different recipes and making delicious food for all dogs. Of course starting with my own, the recipes and ingredients used are from years of research, dedication to the products, and finding different ways to perfect our meals.

Brute Vittles prides itself on its ingredients, using all natural human grade food, not only making it fun and healthy for animals, but also good for you and your families and friends as well. I absolutely love finding different ways to incorporate what people eat on a daily basis, and making it healthy and wholesome for dogs. We want your fur babies to experience the same joy that you get from food as I do making it.