Why Brute Vittles Eats n’ Treats

Brute Vittles Eats n’ Treats LLC. started with an idea. My dogs’ Sunny, Sapphire, and CJ were once fed doggy kibble daily, as most dog’s are, however, they didn’t like it. CJ is 11 years old now, we as living beings are always moving forward, whether it’s in age, on to another career, or on to glory. A short while after CJ turned 10 years old, he stopped eating doggy kibble, he just wouldn’t touch his food; Sunny and Sapphire being younger, ate the doggy kibble, however, around the same time that CJ stopped eating his, they both started throwing their’s up. We’ve used the same brand for years, a little more on the expensive side, however, my babies mean the world to me, and I would pay a higher amount on dry dog food, if it meant that they liked it and would eat it.

My family and I worried about CJ in particular (due to his age) that he was nearing his time of departure, with his weight loss happening at an aggressive rate, along with his excessive amount of sleeping, mixed with his lack of using the bathroom, we started to worry.

We started feeding Sunny, Sapphire, and CJ, fruit (blueberries), oatmeal, and chicken, mixed together. It’s a meal that we have fed them over the years, here and there, as a late night or mid morning snack. They enjoyed it, I noticed that CJ was eating the food, and Sunny and Sapphire weren’t throwing it up. Becoming excited about the recent experiment going right, I started looking up what foods and herbs dog’s could, and couldn’t have. During my extensive research, I inadvertently started to make a menu deciphering what foods would be good for them to have for breakfast, and dinner. This experiment soon, became a passion.

After a year of feeding our dog’s homemade dog food, a family member had a dream that we would start a dog food company. Thinking it was a joke, we laughed it off for a few days, until I started to re-look at our menu. We never thought about making this passion into a business, however, it came in a dream. Our goal is to give your dog’s amazing, and healthy dog food, that is high in protein, high in natural oils, and fats, low in carbs, and high in love.

Today CJ is over 11 years old, helping us to kick down doors, and break barriers, while Sapphire runs through the house (and outside) in full speed. We hope she never stops running, while Sunny brings us light, love, and a whole lot of wisdom.

I have found that when we stopped feeding them dry dog food, and started feeding them our food, their fur became shinier, their weight became more stable; their teeth got whiter, and their heart’s and stomach’s were fuller. We invite you all to be the judge of our food for your fur babies. If they are as fun and loving as our’s, we guarantee that they’ll love it too.


Brute Vittles Eats n’ Treats LLC.

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